Stu Silverstein has co-directed the award-winning movie, Dead  River Rough Cut (the most  requested movie at the Maine  State Prison-no joke.) He has  also worked on many other film  projects, including a complete  film script that he has written for  a major feature film.

In addition to film making, he co-owns Railroad Square Cinema, Maine's premier art house cinema and is the former owner of the Grand Central Cafe in Waterville, Maine. Way before all that, he graduated from New York University, decided against a career with the FBI and subsequently spent a lot of time in Volkswagen buses driving back and forth across country.

He has taught school in New York City and also worked briefly for the National Audubon Society in New Hampshire.

Stu Silverstein builds wood-fired earth ovens and has written extensively about the history and making of bread. He has now published his latest book, Bread Earth and Fire. You may preview his books.

After executing many commissions involving architectural leaded glass, his primary focus for the past twenty years has been painting. He has exhibited in Portland and Waterville, Maine. His work can be found in collections in the United States and Europe. More information about Stu Silverstein can be found on his website.


Richard Searls has been making independent film and video in Maine for close to 40 years.  His documentary films have often focused on rural themes.  His collaboration with Stuart Silverstein, Dead River Rough Cut examines the lives of 2 trappers and the nuances of their life long friendship.  The film affords an unpretentious look at Bob Wagg and Walter Lane as they trap beaver, log with oxen and take up residence in a former prison of war camp located in the Maine wilderness.  Trap day on Monhegan is the story of an island lobstering community who collectively chooses to fish during the worst winter weather when the price is best.  

He has shot short subjects for Children’s Television Workshop (Sesame Street), Nova and National Geographic. He is currently producing a film about a wrongfully accused inmate and his battle for freedom and justice with a legal system unwilling to acknowledge their egregious mistake.


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